What are the character limitations of the Election Manager?
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What are the character limitations of the Election Manager?

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Single-line text fields

255 characters

The following single-line text fields are limited to 255 characters:

  • Election Name
  • Question Title
  • Option Name
  • Email Blast "From" Name
  • Email Blast Subject
  • Organization Name (within Settings)


Rich text editors

No character limit

Text fields equipped with a formatting toolbar (as shown below) have no character limit. They include:

  • Election Description
  • Question Description
  • Option Description
  • Email Blast Body
  • Instructions Text (within Settings)
  • Success Text (within Settings)
  • Kiosk Success Text (within Settings)


Segmentation fields

255 characters

Premium Feature Add-on

Segmentation is a Premium Feature add-on. If you are interested in additional information or pricing, please contact Support.

The total number of characters in any given elector's segment field cannot exceed 255, including semicolons and spaces. When importing electors from a CSV file, cells that contains more than 255 characters will be truncated down to 255 characters upon import.


When restricting a question to multiple segments 1s or multiple segment 2s, the cumulative number of characters of the selected segments cannot exceed 255, including semicolons and spaces. Note that semicolons are implied when selecting multiple segments: for example, selecting both "Associate" and "Retired" from the segment 1 menu results in the question being restricted to "ASSOCIATE;RETIRED", a total of 17 characters.


If your segment names are too long, consider using abbrevations or acronyms to avoid going over the character limit. For example, a segment named "FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES" could be renamed "ARTS&SC" to use fewer characters. If you have a large number of segments, consider consolidating multiple segments into one, if possible.


32 characters

Election Manager usernames are limited to 32 characters.



150 or 128 characters

Elector passwords are limited to 150 characters. When using Standard Authentication, you can specify the length of automatically generated passwords on the Settings page under Authentication Details.


User passwords, on the other hand, are limited to 128 characters. These passwords are set individually by each User and can be changed from the User Profile page.