Weighted Voting Guide
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Weighted Voting Guide

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Premium Feature Add-on

Weighted voting is a Premium Feature add-on. If you are interested in additional information or pricing, please contact Support.

“One size fits all” is rarely true when it comes to online elections. Election administrators sometimes need to enhance their basic election with more advanced features like weighted voting.

Table of Contents

Weighted voting is a terrific tool which allows election administrators to accommodate shareholder elections or similar situations by specifying the “number of shares” or “vote weight” for each eligible elector. Election results take the weight of each vote into account and tallies the total vote weights exercised.

Setting up an online election with weighted voting is quite like setting up a basic election, as covered in our Election Manager Guide. This Weighted Voting Guide will walk you through the extra steps to add weighted voting to your election.

Other Preliminary Considerations
  • Sections not covered in this guide will be identical to those covered in the Election Manager Guide.

  • This Guide only includes parts of the election setup and management process that are directly affected by Weighted Voting. For comprehensive setup information, please refer to the Election Manager Guide for step by step instructions.

  • Weighted voting is not compatible with questions that employ the Preferential Question Type. Results for such Preferential questions will be handled as if every elector had a vote weight of “1,” regardless of whatever actual value is stored on the elector’s record.

Alternative Variant: Cumulative Voting

The Voting System also support a variant of weighted voting known as cumulative voting. This variant allows electors to specify an exact numerical amount of their vote weight for any given candidates or options, rather than simply applying an elector's total vote weight to each of their choices.

If you are interested in this variant, please contact us via the Support Form on our website or give us a call at 1 (800) 585-9694 Monday-Friday during Eastern business hours.