Segmentation Guide
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Segmentation Guide

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Premium Feature Add-on

Segmentation is a Premium Feature add-on. If you are interested in additional information or pricing, please contact Support.

“One size fits all” is rarely true when it comes to online elections. Election administrators sometimes need to enhance their basic election with more advanced features like segmentation.

Table of Contents

Segmentation is a terrific tool which allows users to provide different voting access to different elector groups within a single unified election. Users can limit some questions to be relevant to just a "segment" of the electorate (e.g. regional positions; positions based on membership type; etc.) while still allowing other questions to be voted on by the entire electorate (e.g. national positions; organization wide positions; etc.).

Setting up an online election with elector segmentation is quite like setting up a basic election, as covered in our Election Manager Guide, with just a few extra steps. This Segmentation Guide will walk you through those extra steps to add segmentation to your election.

Other Preliminary Considerations
  • Sections not covered in this Guide will be identical to those covered in the Election Manager Guide.

  • This Guide only includes parts of the election setup and management process that are directly affected by Segmentation. For comprehensive setup information, please refer to the Election Manager Guide for step by step instructions.

Alternative Variant: One Segment Only

The Voting System can be configured to allow for one or two segments for each elector. Two segments are ideal if you need additional dimensions of elector categorization (e.g. "membership type" and "location" ).

If you know you will need only one segment dimension for all your elections and prefer to have your account configured this way for simplicity, please contact us via the Support Form on our website or give us a call at 1 (800) 585-9694 Monday-Friday during Eastern business hours.

This Guide will proceed with the scenario use case of using two segments, though setup with one segment is nearly identical.